Welcome to my website. Thank you so much for visiting. This is a place where you can learn a little bit more about me, my passions, my work, and my life. Within the realm of this site you can locate some of my writing projects, my work with  SCMB Educational Consulting, and my speaking engagements. I am an educator, a community activist, Hip Hop cognoscente, and public speaker.

Some of the topics I cover in my lectures are: Hip Hop History & Social Issues, Media Literacy & Hip Hop, The Connection between the American Civil Rights Movement and the African Liberation Struggle Against Colonialism, Academic Enthusiasm, Manufacturing & Cultivating a Culture of Peace and Conflict Resolution Via Aspects of Hip Hop Culture, Diversity Education, Media Literacy & Critical Thinking, History via Hip Hop History, Civic Engagement and Teacher Professional Development in Culturally Relevant Pedagogy.


Hip Hop, Academics, and Motivation




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